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Project Visualization

Many projects require various methods of visualization to help communicate design & intent to you, the client, and also the public and approval authorities. Rebenok Design & Consulting has been involved in many projects that have required intense visualiztion from CNC's topographic models with 3D printed houses and scaled trees placed per survey to large scale construction models to computer and hand generated renderings. Rebenok also regularly engages in creating presentations for other design firms, please feel free to inquire.

Hand Renderings

Hand renderings can be a quick way to present ideas or give a beautiful representation of the feel for a project.

Computer Generated Graphics

Computer graphics can be used to quickly convey project massing, to study and demonstrate lighting and shawdow studies, show cut away 3D floor plans, be the basis for a 3D hand rendering or be developed into photo realistic renderings for inclusion into a photo montage.

Physical Scale Models

Physical models can be a rapid way to study massing, large scale light and construction study, and for presentation. Additionally, with the advent of desktop 3D printing, high levels of detail is available in small scales.

Topographic Models

Topographic models are used to study the vertical terrain of a site for schematic and design development as well as presentation models for large scale development projects for interaction with the public and municipalities.


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