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Rebenok Design & Consulting LLC


Manse Rochelle, Oakland CA

We can provide topo models, 3d printed models, hand and computer renderings to suppliment our projects and outside professional's projects



Napa Oaks Subdivision - Davidon Homes, Napa CA

Rebenok provides full architectural, structural, and associated services specializing in landmark buildings & dense residential projects in urban infill settings.



Hayden Farm Subdivision, Williston ND

The owners of Rebenok have been owners and involved with development projects in California, Illinois, and North Dakota's Bakken Region. We can provide value added services beyond building design, from zone changes to utility negotiations for your development projects.


Having been developers, we know the need to adhere to a budget. We can work with contractors to shift costs (and qualities) so value ends up where you need it.




853 West Grand Ave, Oakland CA

Rebenok readily engages in the process of creating well built and specially designed projects. As a result we are often engaged in providing project management and in some cases the creation of special elements for a building.


In house, we have CNC machines and a full compliment of fabrication equipment. Custom steel railings, pre-cast concrete castings, rubber concrete form inserts and custom short run millwork are among the variety of products we have provided.



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